When asked why, many cited fewer interruptions and quiet work environments (68% for both) as part of the reason for their increased productivity. Being able to create a comfortable home office is an excellent benefit of remote work. Whether you simply want a more ergonomic chair or you have health issues that require specialized office equipment, you can set up your home office and make it whatever you want. A whopping 7.8 billion vehicle miles aren’t traveled each year for those who work at least part-time from home, 3 million tons of greenhouse gases are avoided, and oil savings reach $980 million. Organizations should be sure employees understand what is expected of them before returning to the office.

Are people happier working remotely?

A survey report conducted by Owl labs suggests remote workers are happier and stay in their jobs longer. They also found that workers who were working at home reported being happy 22% more than workers who always work in an onsite office environment.

As with all work concepts, there’s a give and take between employer and employee that demands balance. Given the ability to work however best suits them, employees get more done.

Benefits of Remote Working for Employers for Growth-Oriented Startups

CEOs who adapt rapidly by creating their ideal how companies benefit when employees work remotely will build stronger companies and wind up with stronger, more committed talent. Whether seeing a doctor, attending a social function, or going to the bank, one can handle them without compromising on the work hours.

  • But keep your circumstances in mind—remote work isn’t ideal for everyone.
  • So how could you benefit from a more flexible approach that gives your employees the freedom to work from home?
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  • Initially, 46% of workers admitted the initial move to remote work was challenging, and it was difficult to maintain focus and productivity at home.
  • It can also promote colleagues to get to know each other through messenger apps and chats and find out how they can benefit each other.

Working on your own remotely with a remote work tool gives a feeling of solace that lacks at work. There is a high level of concentration as there are no constant chit chats, breaks, or people coming to a desk at one or another time for some work.


When remote workers don’t feel micromanaged and believe their employer trusts them, they are more likely to develop positive feelings toward organization leadership. In turn, workers will be less tempted to look elsewhere for employment, promoting a sense of loyalty and dedication. Even if workers aren’t looking for new jobs, they might be less inclined to call out of work at random. Himalayas is the best place to find remote jobs and hire remote employees. We’re focused on providing a job search and hiring experience with great UX focused on speed and efficiency.

Increases were noted in areas such as phone calls being made, CRM activity, chat messaging, as well as email communication. Interestingly, calendar usage was down around 22% which indicates far fewer meetings were held when compared to an office-based environment.

Remote work provides wider opportunities for diversity and inclusion.

Working remotely has made life easier for both businesses and employees, and it’s evident with the number of companies capitalizing on remote work setups. As employees become less stressed they are more inclined to be grateful. They are likely to be thankful for many reasons such as increased family time, a flexible working day. There is nothing quite like meeting with your customers in their place of business, especially in retail settings, to build relationships and make use of all your senses.